Branding / Messaging / Website / Marketing Consulting
Dr. Haase

A Pioneer of Medicine

Dr. Haase’s love for people, his deep passion for creating the most direct path to creating health, and his correlation between a tensegrity model and the systems that make up the human body; served as the foundation and inspiration for his personal brand strategy and design buildout.

After reading Curiosity Heals the Human and learning more about Dr. Haase’s unique approach to his life’s work, we felt compelled to develop a brand design foundation that stepped out of the traditional norm of ‘medical style’ branding.

The logo mark provides a modern and original design that’s rooted in the structural integrity of a tensegrity model, without being literal. Taking a less literal approach allows the brand identity to communicate in sophisticated environments, while the color set gives a nod to Dr. Haase’s approachable personality.

Next, our strategy team came alongside and built a roadmap that supported Dr Haase’s goals throughout his website and book launch, TEDx Talk and Investor Engagement.

Our strategies and solutions were bold and pioneering, just as Dr. Haase’s work is.